What do others say about HelloContainer?

Every day our customers experience the advantages of transparency, independence, cost reduction and reduction of CO2 emissions for containers they export.

Making sustainable choices 

“We at Holland Agri Foods and Farmel have decided to take a new digital path together with HelloContainer. The transparent online system combined with good customer service was the deciding factor for us. The HelloContainer platform enables us to make sustainable choices. We have all information about booking, pre-transport, customs, Chamber of Commerce documents and CO2 emissions in one overview. Ideal for quickly selecting the right transport”

Jetze Kempenaar – General manager

Renewal and sustainability

“In 2020, HelloContainer was nominated and later winner of the Emergo Innovation Award. During that process, as chairman of the jury, I got to know the company well. As a jury, we compare all nominees against the criteria of our innovation prize. In this way we objectively arrive at a winner of the professional jury. I love to see how HelloContainer is led by enthusiasm and expert founders. Based on their conviction, they have developed their booking platform, with which they want to bring innovation and sustainability to an entrenched logistics sector. I believe that with their knowledge, optimism and perseverance they will absolutely succeed.”

Jo-Annes de Bat – Provincial executive of the Province of Zeeland

Chairman of the Emergo Innovation Award jury

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